Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Pragmatic Costumer

The Pragmatic Costumer - https://thepragmaticcostumer.wordpress.com
About Page -  Liz - I am a scholar and folk artist who enjoys learning about the lives of historical and literary characters beyond their textbook descriptions. Researching historical context occupies a large chunk of my time when I am not performing my library duties. A habitual, almost obsessive collector, I love gathering vintage, antique, and handmade costumes as well as creating a few limited pieces of my own. Understanding history is the key to understanding humanity and conserving what small pieces of our past we have left–be it a shoe button, family bible, or vase– will help educate future generations about the “why?” and “how?” of culture.  I’m currently using this site as a research and history collection for folks interested in the quirks and tricks of costuming/everyday historical life, but any questions are welcome!

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