Monday, July 6, 2015


Opusanglicanum -
Blog DescriptionMedieval embroidery and occasional modern sewing, every now and then a bit of silversmithing, but mostly medieval. I teach and do an annual free medieval stitch along.
Blog About - Tanya Bentham - This blog is solely for textiles, with a little bit of silversmithing now and then, and will mainly be for my historical stuff.

Please do not use my images or pin them without permission.

My interests range from ancient greek to tudor periods, and I tend to be an artisan rather than an academic - not that I don't do research, I just prefer getting my hands dirty.

I dye, spin, weave, sew and embroider, and have been doing so for several decades...

If you click on the thumbnail images in this sidebar, they will take you to tutorials and finished pieces.

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