Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crafterstown Blog

Crafterstown Blog -
Blog Description: Because there's a crafter in every town.
Blog About:   The Crafterstown Story

My wife has had a passion for crafting since she was a teenager. With her knowledge and experience gained from going to craft shows, we got a feel for how hard crafters work and how much devotion they put into making their Arts and Crafts.

We wanted to create a site that was different from the rest; a site that crafters could help create along the way and a place where they could all come together. What makes Crafterstown special is it’s made for Crafters BY crafters. We know what its like to spend an entire day making Arts & Crafts. We’ve spent countless hours of our own getting ready for arts & craft shows. We frequent shows and meet the actual artists and crafters who create these wonderful items.

Our goal is for Crafterstown to be a community that resembles the unique charm of a small town. In fact, we’ve named it Crafterstown just for this reason and also….

…because we know there is a crafter in every town.

We hope your Crafterstown experience is a great one and invite you to help us make it even better. We’d love your feedback and hope you’ll share your experience with us by using the red “feedback & support” tab at the bottom of each and every Crafterstown page. Happy Crafting, Sean Sullivan - Founder of Crafterstown

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