Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ephemera - Exploring The World of Old Paper

Ephemera - Exploring The World of Old Paper -

Mission Statement

1884letterThe purpose of this blog is to broaden the awareness and appreciation of ephemera. I will display and highlight a wide range of ephemera to showcase its vast historic and aesthetic qualities. My mission is to increase the appeal of ephemera by informing and educating the public on its value as a collectible and research tool. From time-to-time, the blog will provide readers with access to quality pieces offered for sale and at auction. It will also discuss services related to the collection, preservation, and grading of ephemera. Through these efforts, I hope to find and preserve as much old paper as possible for use by future generations of collectors, scholars, and artists.

[About the image: hand-written letter from North Carolina farmer dated July 4, 1884]

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