Monday, April 18, 2011

Lisa Liza Lou

Lisa Liza Lou -
Description - i'm an artist, crafter, designer, teacher, let's get creative, shall we?
Blog Profilelisa fulmer - let's get creative, shall we?
About Me -  i am an artist, crafter, designer, teacher, marketeer - you know, the crazy creative type. lisa liza lou is an childhood nickname from my mother. it has a sweet little sing-song feel to it, doesn't it?  by day, i work as the education & communications manager at c&t publishing. by night, i stay up way too late arting and crafting. i'm chronically addicted to social media. visit my facebook fan page, where i host a monthly artist trading card swap. you can swap with us too, if you wanna! other places you can find me and my schtuff...
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