Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paper Kawaii

Paper Kawaii -
Blog Description - Paper Kawaii offers free tutorials, templates, diagrams of cute papercraft, including origami, kirigami, paper models and more!  All free!
Blog About - Paper Kawaii is for those of us who appreciate the cute things in life, mainly made out of paper… sometimes card.  

I’m Chrissy (actually Clarissa, but I hate that ), 23, currently in Australia.  I’ve always loved to make things out of paper, and I’ve had an obsession with all things cute, pink, and Japanese that I can get my hands on. Thats not to say I don’t like other stuff, I love ANYTHING cute + paper!

I work as a web designer and have my own company Muffin Central, so Paper Kawaii is more of a hobby. I would love to find something I could make and sell, but right now I have no time for that!
I love to make things with kids, and my daughter enjoys destroying my creations. I have done a few little origami classes at a primary school, pretty nerve racking stuff!

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