Sunday, November 15, 2009


Blog Description - Crafting tutorials. Top 30 Neighbor Christmas Gifts. Homemade gift ideas. Family bonding ideas.
A site to help women, mothers, wives, become a little better!
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Shelley is a spunky mother of three and an interior design guru who manages to flirt with her husband while balancing twin babies, a toddler, and her coupon binder.

Missy is a mother of four, who holds a degree in English and in ticking people off.  She is also very talented at taking professional pictures…take a look, you will agree!

Alison is a mother of four, a craft genius, and a bossy business savvy extraordinaire {{Shelly and Missy wrote that…I think they were trying to find a nice way to call me just plain bossy}}.

Together they have found yet another way to waste all the spare time they do not have in collaborating all these ideas.

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