Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Crafty Mules

Two Crafty Mules - http://craftymule.blogspot.com
Blog Description - Crafty goodness varying from tips to projects and swaps.
Blog Profile: Wanda Eash - Northwest, Arkansas, United States - I am an altered art fanatic and love creating original handmade designs. I love making dolls, quilts and jewelry, among other things. My jewelry designs have taken on a life of their own for the past several years because of customer demand, so much of my time is spent designing and creating new little pieces of wearable art. My creations have been published in several quality publications, including Belle Armoire Jewelry and Haute Handbags. I am also being featured as a guest artist on some new books which will be released within the next year. I will keep you posted as the release dates get closer. My designs are currently being sold in boutiques and galleries across the United States.

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