Tuesday, May 27, 2008


DogDaisyChains - http://dogdaisychains.blogspot.com/
Blog Description - A mainly visual blog outlining inspiration, art, textiles, and life with some tutorials.
Blog Profile: Jackie - Obsessive embroiderer, classroom dodger, fervent flickrer, blog lurker, feltmaker, failed dieter, chocolate lover, tea addict, sea, swimmer, village dweller, Willow mourner, cat botherer, son-motherer, time waster, daydreamer, husband-worshipper, dust ignorer,, Archers aficionado, church goer, flower arranger, shiraz imbiber, esteem needer, approval seeker, woodland wanderer, cloud watcher, renowned late arriver, poetry lover, foot-in-mouth putter, Greece adorer,wishful thinker, wearer of heart-on-sleeve, dreadful singer,anxious gardener, general worrier.

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