Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nancy's Arts, Crafts and Favorites

Nancy's Arts, Crafts and Favorites - http://nancymccarroll.blogspot.com
Blog Description - I paint in oils and watercolors, and show some paintings for sale. Every day I add a new craft idea, mostly simple ones, that anyone can do using referenced materials given on the post. I give lots of pictures and specialize in fiber arts, knitting, and painting.
About - Oils and watercolor are favorite media for my artwork. Yarn, fibers and colors make me happy. I play intermediate tournament Scrabble, traveling to several European counties to play internationally as a member of the National Scrabble Assn. Knitting, painting, gardening, crafts, and sewing are favorite pastimes. I listen to over 100 podcasts while crafting. Life accomplishments include a 25 year career in health administration, obtaining a Master's Degree in Health Administration from the University of Colorado and a BS degree in rehabilitation counseling, the rearing of two adult daughters, one of whom was born with spina bifida, living with several animals (currently two small, mischievous female dogs) and one most excellent husband. I lost both breasts to cancer in 2003, but am now living well and volunteering with my therapy dog, Libby. We visit hospitals, nursing homes, hospice patients and several developmentally disabled people who love dogs.
About Pagehttp://nancymccarroll.blogspot.com/p/who-writes-this-blog.html

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