Saturday, April 26, 2008


Blog Description - FIGURATIVE ART, E-PATTERNS, WORKSHOPS,KITS and more Designed by Michelle Munzone
Blog Profile MICHELLE MUNZONE - WELCOME TO MY BLOG- I have been designing and teaching doll making, arts & crafts over 18 yrs. My dolls are original creations from a thought in my head, to a sketch to a finished 3D soft sculpture. They are made from the finest materials, I start with fabric, sew, insert partial armature (to most), carefully stuff and shape the pieces, then hand sew together. I create and embellish the costumes hand paint each doll, which can take days to weeks to complete, NO mass production here. I love what I do, I hope to pass this pleasure on to others, either by teaching them how to through my Workshops and Patterns or by letting them add a special piece to their collection. My award winning dolls are held in collections around world- Australia, Italy, U.S.A & more. I am a member of NODAAA (Aust.Original Doll Artists Assoc.)& CDAA (Can.Doll Artists Assoc). My work has been featured many times in various publications- Dolls, Bears and Collectables, Handmade, Soft Dolls and Animals, Dolls United, Contemporary Doll Collector, Doll Crafter and Costuming, Dolls United

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