Sunday, December 9, 2007

Greeneyez2 Dolls and Folk Art

Greeneyez2 Dolls and Folk Art -
Blog Description - Personal Blog and crafter of dolls, bears, crochet, jewelery, folk art and who knows what else?
Blog Profile -Greeneyez2 - I'm married, a Mom and a Grandmom. I create stuff whenever possible and it helps me to stay sane. It can be stitched, drawn, painted, stuck together, collected and "artfully stacked", digitally designed or photographed, depending on my current situation or mood. Keeping busy is a necessity and since I love sewing, designing and crafty things, it just all makes sense! I've also recently discovered how much I love traveling. In fact maybe too much? Hah! But blogging did open up a new world for me. I found that I'm not alone in my endeavors and thoughts and it is nice to read and talk to others that have a creative spark and similar circumstances. There's really so much inspiration out there for everyone!

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