Friday, November 10, 2006

Lolo's Child

Lolo's Child
Blog Description - A place to share, mostly my dolls in progress (DIPs), some other fiber and fabric art, perhaps a soap thought or two, and probably some public angst as I sort my brain!
Sue's About Me: Sue - I’m an incredibly fortunate Baby Boomer. My life has been filled with joy, challenges, and learning opportunities. My three adult children, their spouses, my beautiful granddaughters, and my amusing pets all color my life. (Though no one is more colorful or loving than my dear husband, Oldtimer!) My childhood was unusual and my parents unique (Lolo was an astrologer before most people knew what that was; Hawkshaw a WWII vet who lost both legs), which, combined with enough moves to put me in nine different schools in 12 years, gives a different perspective on life experiences. In my spare time, I work in my "tree house" of sewing and art projects (now on the ground floor, but still amidst greenery and overlooking water), as well as my soap kitchen, where I make beautiful luxury soaps and lotions. I like to work, love home decor projects, travel eagerly, embrace non-mainstream spirituality, and am grateful for *something* every single day.

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