Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Blog Description - A textile blog belonging to Kay Susan of Eastbourne, England. The blog shows examples of my work in creative embroidery.
Kay Susan's About Me:  I'm a "hands on" granny (got the bus pass this year!) and I live in a pleasant South Coast seaside town. During my "middle years" I took City & Guilds Creative Embroidery Parts I and 2 and creative embroidery became my passion. I love fabric, fibres and threads. Best of all is the way I can change the appearance of a piece of cloth with the addition of a few lengths of thread and some simple embroidery stitches. I like to experiment and then I like to use the resultant odds and ends and samples to make three-dimensional articles such as boxes, containers and textile figures. I'm also an enthusiastic blogger in the textiles corner of the "web" meeting other textile artists on-line from all over the world. Isn't technology wonderful?!

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